Introducing, Instant Accept.

Today we are introducing a new feature to our product, called Instant Accept. 

With Instant Accept, customers can now post any everyday task and allow it to be immediately accepted by any of our pre-approved, vetted, and background checked Dablr providers. No need to chat, view, negotiate, or assign. The process has been shortened to simply posting, and getting notified when a hard-working local has accepted your task.

This is true on-demand task outsourcing. We are allowing people to find help in just minutes, while giving them the freedom to control their entire experience. You can still choose your price, when you need it done, where, etc. Because of our extensive approval process (an application, online orientation quiz, extensive background check), you can rest easy knowing that whoever accepts your task is going to do a great job taking care of your to-do list.

When implementing Instant Accept, we understood that including a true on-demand product was quite different from how Dablr has always worked. Here are some steps we’ve taken to make sure you have an even better experience than ever before. 

First, we recommend a slightly higher pay rate when choosing your wage. We do this because offers are not enabled with Instant Accept, which means your posted wage is what the provider will be accepting. We aim to make these updates as fair as possible for both sides of our marketplace, so this is the first step we’ve taken.

Second, we now ask for your payment method before you are able to post. We do this simply so we know you will have a payment method ready when the job is done. In order to protect our customers and providers, we want to make sure that all of the necessary information is submitted before either party commits to have anything done.

Of course, safety is our #1 priority. As with any way you choose to use Dablr, every user goes through numerous verification methods including their phone number and banking information.

We hope you enjoy Instant Accept, and we can’t wait for you to use the first truly on-demand task outsourcing platform.

– The Dablr Team


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